Our Dublin is… Different

In recent weeks, our life within our community has been completely turned on its head. It has been difficult for all for a variety of reasons. But one thing has remained very clear throughout the entire period of COVID-19, it is vitally important that we, as a community, keep fit, healthy and active. To help […]

My Dublin Is Alive – The Ger Carty Story

A jellyfish sting? Ger Carty compares the painful sensation to a bee sting before correcting himself. “I’d say it’s probably more like a bad nettle sting, that’s how I’d describe it.”

My Dublin Is Inclusive – The Mark Butler Story

Mark Butler’s relationship with sport started the day he was born. As a twin and the youngest of six, he was thrust into a sport-mad household. The Dublin teen began with individual pursuits or family outings. A boy and his ball, with the same dreams and aspirations as countless children; to play games he quickly […]

The Community Confederations Cup #ThisIsMyDublin

It was Brazilian sensation Ronaldinho who said he learnt most of his life lessons with a ball at his feet. Football has power beyond mere pastime, a universal language capable of unifying people of all backgrounds. A perfect example can be found in north Dublin. Every year, the Bridewall Garda Station, Youth Justice Project, Dublin […]

“My Dublin is Hard-Working” – Conal Keaney

Dublin Sportsfest 2019, on September 23-29, is the second multi-sport event organised by Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership to promote opportunities for Dubliners to participate in a wide range of sports all year round, regardless of age, ability or background. Sportsfest2019 incorporates existing events like The Great Dublin Bike Ride, Park Run and The […]