Our Dublin is… Different

In recent weeks, our life within our community has been completely turned on its head. It has been difficult for all for a variety of reasons. But one thing has remained very clear throughout the entire period of COVID-19, it is vitally important that we, as a community, keep fit, healthy and active. To help […]

My Dublin Is Alive – The Ger Carty Story

A jellyfish sting? Ger Carty compares the painful sensation to a bee sting before correcting himself. “I’d say it’s probably more like a bad nettle sting, that’s how I’d describe it.”

My Dublin Is Inclusive – The Mark Butler Story

Mark Butler’s relationship with sport started the day he was born. As a twin and the youngest of six, he was thrust into a sport-mad household. The Dublin teen began with individual pursuits or family outings. A boy and his ball, with the same dreams and aspirations as countless children; to play games he quickly […]

“My Dublin Is Resilient” – The Ger Prendergast Story #ThisIsMyDublin

It was a childhood spent boxing. Teenage years were occupied playing futsal. In adulthood, it escalated to become completing 52 Ironman races in 52 weeks and preparing for the world’s longest triathlon consisting of a 50-kilometre swim, 4,500-kilometre cycle across America and a 500-kilometre run through the Death Valley, California.  Ger Prendergast’s is a life […]

“My Dublin is Adventurous” – Ciara Walsh

Seven years ago, a peerless Katie Taylor stormed to a historic Olympic Gold medal in London. It was the deserved finale after a remarkable journey, a monumental moment for women’s boxing and a welcomed lift for a proud nation. At the same time, a 12-year-old Ciara Walsh was sitting at home in Smithfield, Dublin, watching […]

The Community Confederations Cup #ThisIsMyDublin

It was Brazilian sensation Ronaldinho who said he learnt most of his life lessons with a ball at his feet. Football has power beyond mere pastime, a universal language capable of unifying people of all backgrounds. A perfect example can be found in north Dublin. Every year, the Bridewall Garda Station, Youth Justice Project, Dublin […]

“My Dublin is Hard-Working” – Conal Keaney

Dublin Sportsfest 2019, on September 23-29, is the second multi-sport event organised by Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership to promote opportunities for Dubliners to participate in a wide range of sports all year round, regardless of age, ability or background. Sportsfest2019 incorporates existing events like The Great Dublin Bike Ride, Park Run and The […]